Artivive is the tool that allows the creation and consumption of art (and immersive experiences) in augmented reality. The company was founded by Sergiu Ardelean and Codin Popescu in January 2017. We’ve built a highly motived and creative team of 10 young professionals, senior developers and growth experts.
The global augmented reality market is being forecasted to reach $90B by 2020. Artivive pioneers the AR art sector and aims to become the augmented reality solution for art and creatives.
Our vision is to change how art is created and consumed - and build the community around augmented reality art.
A lot of artists have identified the potential of augmented reality as a new way of expression and differentiation. However, to create in augmented reality, they have to build an isolated solution that requires technical skills and invest a lot of time and money. The few existing solutions have no open platform, are too technical and have bad usability and UX.
Nonetheless, the possibility to activate the time dimension for static art and haptic experience for animated art, is highly appealing to the young generation of artists and art enthusiasts. The active integration of the viewer leads to higher emotional binding and opens up new business models for the art market.
Our existing solution is an easy to use AR tool for artists to create, museums to expand, venues to impress. Technically, it is an AR solution with cloud-based image recognition and a video overlay. It consists of the Artivive app, our visualization component and the “Bridge by Artivive” creational component. Both components are already successful on the market, attract artists and generate downloads, views and revenue.
We actively work together with B2B clients, such as museums, galleries, festivals and theatres. For them, we provide a reliable, fast and scalable infrastructure for the best experience of their visitors, prolonging visitation time and thus increasing the emotional binding. In addition we create digital content, organize workshops and propose artists for collaborations.
Our approach is to let the artists, from painters, photographers to multimedia artists, create the narrative and the art. We are providing the corresponding solution, gradually extending and adapting the features of our tool to the specific needs of artists.
A strategic part of our internationalization process is setting up a Joint Venture with a major local art partner in China. First projects have culminated with the start of the exhibition “The Bellini Family and the Renaissance”, featuring works by Raphael and Michelangelo at the Himalayas Museum in Shanghai in September 2017.
Currently, we are working on the development of our open AR platform with tailor-made features for creatives and artists. The platform, based on the existing “Bridge by Artivive” creational tool, will enable an open communication between art stakeholders around the world.